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10 September 2016

Paris Story: The Movie

A unique vision of Paris reveals its secrets

We’ve made an entirely new film of Paris, not just an update of our 1991 release. The director is the noted French film-maker Laurent Medec, best-known in his home country for ‘Secrets of History’, a highly successful show on the France 2 TV channel. The new images of Paris, taken from high above the City of Lights, are the brainchild of Yann Arthus Bertrand, a photographer and cinematographer who is renowned for his aerial work, particularly of his home city. The haunting, atmospheric French narration is the work of the much-loved actor Jean Reno.

Together, these extraordinary talents have made Paris Story, The Movie into a totally fresh way to discover the enchanting sights of the French capital. How did the Paris of the past become the Paris that we know and love today? What’s behind the facades of its best-known monuments and buildings? During the film’s 50 minutes, Paris is slowly revealed in this multimedia release. You will hover high over the Eiffel Tower, look down on the majestic Notre Dame cathedral and enter Sainte-Chapelle and the Louvre as if on a private tour. Then, take the stairs up the column in the Place de la Bastille and descend into the unseen depths of the historic Opera Garnier. Paris, high and low, is all yours.




Your personal tour of the City of Lightsphoto-salle

The Paris Story film is a loving tribute to France’s beautiful capital city. This is a private tour of the City of Lights that has no equal in its imagery and the accompanying music. You will find yourself transported through the centuries of history that have created the amazing city that we love so much today. From its founding by the Celtic Parisii tribe to contemporary Paris and the ultra-modern architecture of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, you will experience it all. Forget the many documentaries that simply list the main attractions of Paris and leave it that. Here you experience the very soul of the city, the secrets of its monuments and their place in the hearts of Parisians.

Jean Reno’s voice will transport you to a unique viewing of Paris, past and present. There’s a multilingual audio selection such as those on leading airlines, which allow you to choose between six languages. Thanks to this technology, Paris Story: The Movie is available to you in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Chinese.

This film is intended for visitors from anywhere in the world, as an inspiring introduction to the City of Light and a personal invitation to discover its most famous attractions and monuments. Families will find inspirations for weekend outings. Schools will find they have the perfect educational tool at their disposal, too, a way for children to learn without seeming to. Parisians themselves will find Paris Story reveals the hidden stories of buildings and monuments they see every day without knowing their history or their secrets. Paris Story allows every viewer to understand in their hearts why Paris is considered the most beautiful city in the world.




A brief history of Paris Story

Paris Story The Movie is a collaboration between a father and son team. Michel and Charles Ruty are dedicated fans of Paris, its monuments, buildings and the secrets that lie behind them. In the early 1990s they set out to make Paris Story with the idea of playfully communicating their great love for the City of Light, providing keys to understanding the French capital so much better. Deciding a film was the best vehicle for this vision, they established the Paristoric SA company to produce the first Paris Story.

The first showings were in the Batignolles district. After these screenings proved both popular and successful, the film transferred in 1995 to a viewing room adjacent to Opera Garnier.

In order to satisfy the demands of the viewing public, a new film was made and released in 2014 and it is this Paris Story that we proudly present to you today. Paris Story was initially part of an interpretive centre and now this unique project has evolved to include both shows and projections.