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12 September 2016

Which monuments feature in the Paris Story?

Paris is noted as the City of Light and the capital of love. Traversed by the sinuous curves of the Seine, the capital impresses with its long and lovely boulevards lined with trees and dotted with inviting cafes, its gorgeously splendid facades, its romantic ambience and its numerous world-renowned landmarks and monuments.

Paris Story is a spellbinding film in which the glorious city and its numerous attractions are viewed from a fresh perspective thanks to the aerial footage shot by the talented photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand.

Over the course of 50 visually compelling minutes an informative commentary will help you to explore the unique history of a city that has overcome time and survived conflict to become one of the world’s great capitals.




The monuments of Paris through the centuries

Since it was first established, Paris was acclaimed as a prestigious city. Through the centuries it has acquired great monuments and developed a highly distinctive architectural tradition. This was especially true since the Middle Ages, as every ruler wished to leave his mark upon the urban landscape, including Saint-Louis, François I, Henri IV, Louis XIV, Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleon III. The finest architects and designers brought their skills to bear in modernising the infrastructure, while ensuring that the city gained a distinctive appearance that became the very epitome of elegance.

From the French Gothic masterpiece that is Notre Dame Cathedral to the eclecticism of the Sacre Coeur Basilica; from the building of the first bridges across the city’s legendary waterway to the colossal work of rebuilding that characterised the Baron Haussmann era, by way of the Louvre, the Hotel des Invalides, the Bastille and, of course, the grand Iron Lady herself, the iconic Eiffel Tower, all has formed an integral part of the development of Paris into the magnificence of today.




Secret stories

Come along on this journey and enjoy a rare view of such wonderful locations as the Grand Gallery of the Louvre, the Opéra Garnier, the Sacre Coeur, as well as places that are not usually accessible to the general public, such as the dome of the Invalides, the ancient quarries beneath the city or the upper reaches of the column that stands in the Place de la Bastille. You will also be taken to some unexpected locations, including the subterranean lake beneath the Opera Garnier.

Secrets will be revealed to you. Why is the frame of Notre Dame a “forest”? What are the origins of its famous gargoyles? What does the Bastille column actually commemorate, and what is concealed beneath its pedestal? You’ll learn fascinating facts. For example, it took more than 12 kilos of gold leaf to cover the dome of the Invalides! Paris Story has all this and much more!

And what of our beloved Eiffel Tower? How did this 300 metre high landmark become the international symbol of Paris? Are you sure you’ve seen all it has to offer?

Even today, our city still invents itself anew. The Pompidou Centre, the Grande Arche de la Défense, the National Library of France and, more recently, the Quai Branly Museum and the Louis Vuitton Foundation… Paris Story presents a fresh look at one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Discover it today!